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Smart Fit Mind integrates psychology, physiology, nutrition, and biohacking seeking to find solutions for health optimization and health-related questions like:

  • How to feel truly happy with an applied positive psychology?
  • How changes in nutrition changes wellbeing?
  • How can health technology, apps, and wearables help us achieve our life goals?
  • How meditation can improve brain and behavior?
  • How mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise improve genes?
  • How to decrease stress and gain emotional balance in the hectic world?




I am Inka – a biohacker, a psychology student at the University of Aberdeen, a registered yoga teacher, and a science blogger. I have a passion towards health psychology and human behavior, and deep interest in biology and health technology. I work at the Biohacker Center (Finland) where we organize the annual top biohacking and health conference – Biohacker Summit. I graduated as a yoga teacher from Rishikesh, India in 2017.


Talk: TedX Aberdeen: (link coming soon)
Talk: Biohacker Summit (link coming soon)


I spend my free time collecting wild herbs from nature, playing piano, teaching and practicing yoga, or reading new scientific studies about health.

My personal health journey started in my childhood with trying to deal with a brainstem migraine, IBS, and hormonal imbalances. A brainstem migraine is a very rare form of a migraine with an unknown cause.

As a prophylaxis to my migraine, I have tried many conventional medicines from beta blockers to botulin injections. After those failed to aid with the migraine, I started optimizing my health with nutrition, meditation, exercise, and biohacking. Using ketogenic/low carb diet, red light therapy, cold-exposure, biofeedback, supplementing, yoga and other natural tools I have been able to cut my migraines to half. Also, being deeply in love with yoga and meditation, mindfulness training has been one of the most important ways for me to gain optimal health – this story I shared in my TEDx talk in March 2018 (link coming soon).

I believe system thinking is the only solution for true health – if the head hurts, the bug is not only in the head; Instead, the whole system needs to be treated. Nothing works in a vacuum, especially in the human body and mind. I believe that prevention is the best cure when it comes to health issues.

Thank you for joining the journey towards better health with me. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to read about!

If you want to collaborate with me, contact: inka.immonen@gmail.com